new home and some rambles..





We moved last week. This is my new home. And my new antique hutch!
I have been absent for a long time from this blog, and I am honestly wavering on whether or not to continue- I have enough distractions.. Pinterest, Flickr, now Instagram… it all just seems so pointless sometimes. I need to spend more time actually living, rather then documenting my life. On the other hand, these tools do make me more mindful of capturing my “moments” to share- I recognize more of what is special to me, what makes me smile, and it is fun to share those things with others. I also like the idea of documenting my creative processes, especially if I start to sell my work, which I plan on doing.. someday. So I guess I will keep the ball rolling here- I’ll try not to be absent for months at a time.. I’ll try to be a “better blogger”, whatever that may be. Blogging sometimes just seems so… self absorbed? I don’t want to be that. I am trying to find a balance here.. I don’t want to over-share, I don’t want to hold back. I don’t want my creative pursuits to be tailored to an audience. But I also don’t want to keep certain things to myself. This blog, along with so many other things in life, must be about balance. I need to find that balance, find my voice; then I will feel more comfortable in this space.
This post is a little rambling, but that is how I feel inside… slightly adrift, slightly moored. I’m always in the middle of things it seems, always a contradiction. Does anyone out there know what I mean?

2 thoughts on “new home and some rambles..

  1. My thoughts: yes, the sites we use are just tools. Pinterest gives me recipes and party ideas. Flickr hosts my pictures for my blog. My blog is my own little self-directed publishing platform, because I like to see my words and photos put together on the screen. The End. Sometimes I struggle with asking “why bother” and I take long breaks now and then. I say if it doesn’t feel natural, don’t do it. Some seasons of my life, blogging feels good and right. Some seasons I remove myself from it.

    I think that you have a gift for writing and by blogging you may connect with kindred spirits…another reason I blog. Not that I have many visitors or receive really any comments, but I’ve formed real connections with the few people that have found me online.

    Re: living versus documenting the living, I understand completely, that’s why my posts are very short and usually feature a photo I’ve taken. Short posts scratch my creative itch but don’t require hours of navel-gazing.

    Anyway–hope any of this is helpful. I for one enjoy your blog. 🙂


    1. Laura,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m glad to see someone else understands. I really like how you phrased it- about each season feeling different in terms of blogging and sometimes you chose to remove yourself from it. That sounds a lot better than simply just neglecting ones blog- which is how I often feel. But I should look at it the way you do- as a conscious choice, if it doesn’t feel right at a time, don’t do it.
      Each online tool does have its purpose, I just sometimes go overboard (as I think many do) and spend hours (especially on Pinterest!! Haha) wasting my time feeling like I’ll get to other things at another time. But then I just feel creatively frustrated. It’s like circumstances have to be “perfect” for me to do something creative sometimes. But the reality is I do not have a home studio, I do not have a sewing machine, I do not even have a home computer. So I need to make do and find that balance I was rambling about. Now I feel like I am rambling more… Anyways. Haha. I’m so glad to hear you like reading my blog. I like yours too 🙂 it’s nice and clean and simple. I just read the poem you put up- beautiful!
      Thanks again


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