Farming Beginnings & March Meanderings

Finally (almost) at the Farm

This past December we made the decision to move to Groh Farm come March. So, March has been filled with just that- moving to a farm! The little house we get to inhabit is right up our alley: rustic, yet charming. It is the biggest place we’ve had so far (there are 2 stories!), yet its still small enough to be cozy and quite manageable. The land is beautiful; 45 acres of fields and woodland. The greenhouse is up and running and Ethan has been cutting greens each week of March.
March5 March6
There is one slight hang-up. Frozen pipes. This New England winter has been a beast (as I so lamented in my last post) and the pipes did not survive the deep, deep frost. So we’re not living at the farm just yet. Most of our stuff is moved over; just our bed and clothes remain at my mom’s, where we’ve been staying. I’m viewing it as extra time to set up the house 😉 It is a great blank slate to work with, and I will be sure to share photos of my progress.
IMG_1546 march2
There are animals too! The two cows are named Raven and Reba. Raven is expecting a calf this spring. Ethan’s farming partner Steve is in charge of the animals so thankfully we don’t have to deliver the calves, but I still hope I’m there to see the birthing process. The goats are also expecting babies! What an exciting spring it will be 🙂
IMG_1471 march1
The food & wine seen in the photo pairings were taken at a recent family dinner.

Local Jaunts
If you ever find yourself in Dublin, New Hampshire, give Del Rossi’s Trattoria a try! They specialize in Italian cooking with home made pasta and the most flavorful sauces, all in an old and cozy colonial house. I had their Chicken Picatta, and would highly recommend it!
Also pictured are scenes from a Downton Abbey themed dinner theater held at the Silver Fountain Inn in Dover, NH. As you eat a 5 course home made meal, scenes from season 4 of Downton Abbey are played out right by the table. Such fun!
The flower pictured was at Apotheca Flowers and Tea Chest in Goffstown, NH. The last Friday of every month is their open mic night, and this past Friday I finally stopped by. Goffstown has got some serious talent!
Lastly, I recently discovered a favorite new coffee shop- Union Coffee Company in Milford, NH. If you are ever down that way, definitely make a stop there for a latte- it’s the best tasting coffee I’ve had in New Hampshire!
Those are just a few of the places that brightened up my month of March. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments!
Recently Read
Working in a library has a lot of perks. One major and obvious one is all of the books that cross over the desk! So from now on, I will end my posts with a few titles I have read recently and short blurbs about what I thought.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by: Marie Kondo This book made me want to throw away everything in my house. Seriously. As a long time self-proclaimed “sentimental person” I’ve held on to many, many useless things. The only thing making me think they were not useless was this so-called “sentiment”. Kondo’s book actually changed the way I think about my stuff. Her message is to do a huge clean out of your house, category by category (NOT room by room) and physically touch each object you own. If the object does not “spark joy” in the present moment, out the door it goes. This idea really resonated and I began to look at all of my “sentiment” as really cluttering out my present goals, ideas, and projects. I’m so glad I read this book, especially in the middle of a move!

Zero Waste Home by: Bea Johnson
The author of this book and her family amaze me. The produce only ONE quart of garbage in a whole year! Yes, you read that right, a year. While some of the authors’ practices (bring mason jars to the deli and making her own cosmetics) I would never do (well, I don’t go to the deli anyways and don’t use too many cosmetics), the main idea I took away from this book is to “refuse”. Don’t take pamphlets from conferences. Don’t use anything disposable unless absolutely necessary. I’m really glad I read this book, it opened my eyes to how much waste I produce every day. If we each applied just one suggestion from Johnson’s book imagine the impact we would make!

For kids- A Beasty Story by: Bill Martin Jr. & Stephen Kellogg
I’ve been a Children’s Librarian for just 2 months and have already read some amazing and inspiring children’s stories. A Beasty Story is an old one but I still purchased it for my library. Its just scary enough and shows kids that scary things aren’t always as bad as they seem. Kellogg’s illustrations are fabulous of course. He is such an inspiring illustrator!

Let me know what you’ve been reading in the comments! And here is a link to my Goodreads profile so we can connect there.

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