Purchase: Grove

This photo is quiet. The black and white, though heavy, just whispers. I’m drawn into the mist. The slight movement in the foreground pulls me and you along. It was snapped on the road, heading to Yellowstone National Park with my dad. My thoughts weren’t then with the grove of Aspen trees (all one living being growing together), they were always racing ahead. But now, whenever I come back to this, my favorite photo, and remain with it, I’m simultaneously pulled along and drawn in to the stillness. I hope it has that affect on you, too.

Sorry, but this photo is only available as large as 8 x 10. The camera used to take it was low quality, so it will not print out well at a higher resolution unfortunately. I don’t want to risk you being unhappy with it. 


Grove: 8 x 10

Original black and white photograph entitled Grove by Callista Faucher. This print measures 8 x 10 inches and includes a white border that measures one inch. Please note this photograph will have a slightly grainy quality. The cost of shipping ($8.00) is included in the price.