Purchase: Reminders

This photo was taken a few days before the tragedy in Las Vegas. I struggled with many days to process that event (still struggle now) here is what I wrote at that time,
October 2nd 2017:  “the ugliness of the world right now makes it hard for me to focus on anything. my thoughts were wrapped up all day with the thousands grieving. but here are some pretty flowers. along with them is the reminder found in all beauty that we have much better things to look forward to. it’s evident who rules this world right now, yet it’s also perfectly clear who designed it. thankful for these reminders as they are the only thing that make it possible to get through this life.”

Reminders: 10 x 8

Original photograph entitled Reminders by Callista Faucher. This print measures 10 x 8 inches and includes a white border that measures approximately one inch. Please note that the color of the printed photograph may appear slightly different than it does on the screen (usually prints are more vivid than the screen). The cost of shipping ($8.00) is included in the price.