Purchase: Roots

Roots. Taken in Bennington, Vermont on a whim with my first-ever camera in 2009. This one is black and white and slightly grainy. I was at a magical swimming hole in the woods, along a river. I couldn’t even tell you how to get there. I turned around and saw these trees towering above me and the roots that held them there. The river must have eroded all the soil away over time, yet still the trees stood tall. I like that.

Sorry, this photograph is not available in a larger size than 8 x 10 due to the low quality camera used to take it. I’m afraid it wouldn’t print out well and wouldn’t want to risk you being unhappy with it. 

Roots: 10 x 8

Original black and white photograph entitled Roots by Callista Faucher. This print measures 10 x 8 inches and includes a white border that measures approximately one inch. The cost of shipping ($8.00) is included in the price.